The Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc., is a National Associations of Alumni and Undergraduate Chapters in the Philippines duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippines under SEC Registration No. CN200627696.
Tradition Still Rules . .
The Oldest and most cherished traditions of the fraternity are part of the Rituals of Alpha Sigma Phi, esoteric (secret) and never revealed to anyone not a member of the fraternity. The beauty and depth of the ritual increases with participation within the Mystic Circle. The secret HANDGRIP of the Fraternity has never been described in writing and it passed on from brother to brother as new members are initiated into the Mystic Circle of Alpha Sigma Phi. It, like the traditional heraldry, is a device of recognition shared only by the initiated.
The purposes for which the fraternity is incorporated are:
1. To act as the governing body in the consolidations, coordinations, affiliations and accreditation of all alumni associations and undergraduate chapters of the fraternity in the entire Philippines.
2. To serve as the center for development in the conduct of National Conventions, National Leadership Conferences and National or Regional Conclaves for all alumni associations and undergraduate chapters of the above-named fraternal organization.
3. To acknowledge Cebu City as the permanent location of the National Office and Headquarters of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity Alumni Associations and Undergraduate Chapters in the Philippines.
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